I was born in Lugo (Spain) in 1989. I'm a freelance graphic designer, illustrator and 2D animator. I am passionate about art and aesthetics, as well as space, the unknown and the part of reality that can not be seen. Since I was a child I became a person of restless mind consumed by unanswered questions. Spirituality and science are confused in my thoughts, bringing scenes about the universe, nature, human experience and our place in the great cosmos. I conceive these personal artworks as small approaches to a part of reality that I will never be able to reach. Now I'm producing limited edition art prints of some of these pieces for anyone who wants to share my visions.

The art prints you will find on this site are the result of a careful production process. I work with a local printing house to get the best finish in each piece. I only use Giclée technique to get detailed prints with great color richness which will live forever inside the frame on your wall.

You can learn more about my work visiting my portfolio: www.anxovizcaino.com